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Dashbit helps startups and enterprises adopt and run Elixir in production. In turn, these relationships give us resources and feedback to invest back into the community. Our goal is to advance the Elixir ecosystem through continuous adoption and sustainable open source development. We have built and maintain many open source projects, such as Broadway, Ecto, and Elixir itself. We are also active members in community projects like Hex.pm and Phoenix.

Podium is an Interaction Management™ platform that enables 43,000 businesses with a local presence to communicate more effectively with their customers. Podium is the largest, fastest-growing Elixir shop in the world, and we have run Elixir code in production since 2016. As one of Y Combinator's highest-valued companies, we've received investment from Google Ventures, Accel, and other firms. We're constantly looking for passionate Elixir developers to help us change the way business happens locally. Visit our engineering blog and Twitter for more.

Pleroma is a free, open-source, federated social networking server built on open protocols. The backend is built with Elixir and Phoenix which help us achieve high performance and low memory usage - so much so that it is easy to setup and run on tiny devices like the Raspberry Pi. Pleroma is compatible with GNU Social, Mastodon, and many other ActivityPub and OStatus implementations. We’ve witnessed some fantastic growth recently, and according to fediverse statistics, we now have over 400 instances online on the network. To learn more, please visit Pleroma.social.

Slab is a simple, scalable wiki that knocks down silos. It empowers teams to find the critical information they need, exactly when they need it. Slab features an intuitive WYSIWYG editor that makes adding knowledge to your knowledge base a breeze. Slab integrates with popular apps like Slack, G Suite, and GitHub so that teams can store, organize, and share knowledge — all inside a single source of truth.

Harvard born and Y-Combinator backed, we’re on a mission to transform the $40-trillion global energy industry. Our team comes from different places and brings different talents to the table, but we’re all here for the same reason: to solve complex challenges and make a profound impact with some of the brightest and kindest people we know. Find out about our Elixir engineering opportunities in Toronto.

Erlang Solutions is a tech consultancy that builds transformative, distributed systems for the world's most ambitious companies. By providing user-focused consultancy, high tech capabilities and connection to diverse communities, Erlang Solutions has built strong and long-lasting relationships with clients including WhatsApp, Klarna, Motorola, PepsiCo, Cisco, Ericsson and Adidas Runtastics to name a few. We are passionate advocates of the Erlang and Elixir Ecosystem and proud partners of the Code Sync family of conferences and ElixirConf EU.


AmberBit is a software house specializing in building modern web applications. We are experts in Ruby on Rails and Elixir & Phoenix on the back-end and our front-end stack spans various CSS and JavaScript libraries to the Elm language. Our team is 100% remote, with the majority of our developers based in Europe. If you need a solid partner to work on your next project - contact us for a free quote!

Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas founded the company with a simple goal: to improve the lives of developers. We create timely, practical books, audio books and videos on classic and cutting-edge topics to help you learn and practice your craft. We’re a small group of experienced professionals committed to helping make software development easier.

AppSignal for Elixir provides real-time error tracking, performance insights, hardware stats and custom metrics for your Elixir and Phoenix apps. Add a fair pricing model, a great interface and stellar support, and you know why some of the best in the industry rely on AppSignal to get their jobs done. As a visitor of the Elixir Forum, use coupon "elixirforum" for a 10% discount for a year.

Bleacher Report is the premier digital destination for millennial sports fans, a leading next generation content creation-company that drives deep levels of engagement with its audience across all platforms. Bleacher Report is one of the earliest and most comprehensive adopters of Elixir and Phoenix.

Manning is an independent publisher of computer books for software developers, engineers, architects, system administrators, managers and all who are professionally involved with the computer business. We are committed to improving the careers and skills of developers all over the world with our vast range of in-depth, practical titles.

Developing People since 1987. Our mission is to deliver high quality and intuitive learning and performance management solutions. Along the way, we invest in a sustainable work climate and are committed to help people develop their talents. We work agile, write tests first, work in pairs and deploy early and often. Defacto also maintains and contributes to open source software.

ElixirCasts is a screencast series that explores a wide range of Elixir and Phoenix topics. Each episode tackles a specific problem or explores a new library, demystifying it in a language that’s easy to understand. Episodes range from beginner-focused to more moderate and advanced topics. Explore Elixir with us, one episode at a time.

Elixirexperts is a consulting and development company with a key focus on functional programming. We specialize in business process automation and modernization, as well as re-engineering, migration and maintenance support of client applications. We have delivered projects in Elixir, Erlang, Phoenix and Rails to a global client base. Our delivery model is to provide customers with onsite, offshore or nearshore services depending on their needs. We have a presence in Australia, Switzerland, Germany, USA, India and Sri Lanka and our client base range from startups to enterprise. Highly scalable solutions, best practices, quality standards, fast scale up/down and quick deliveries are our calling cards!

PepsiCo eCommerce Engineering combines the agility and autonomy of a startup with the financial security of a Fortune 50 multinational. We work in Elixir and we love it! Using Elixir, Phoenix & Absinthe, our engineering teams address real business needs and solve real problems, enabling our continued growth well into the future. If you would like to wake up each day, excited by the prospect of writing Elixir at one of the world’s largest and best-loved brands, we’d love to hear from you!

Nimble is a software agency providing end-to-end software solutions, from UX/UI design, web & mobile applications development, infrastructure management to platform operations. We are an engineering-driven team solving challenges using Elixir, Phoenix, and Ruby on Rails for companies from all over the world ranging from small startups to innovative large enterprises.

Hi I'm Kam and I'm working on an open source live customer chat with my buddy Alex. It's written in Elixir and we’d love for you to check it out. Our website's at papercups.io and the source code is at github.com/papercups-io/papercups :D

Joydrive is changing the way people buy or lease their cars. We are the first online store offering customers a 100% digital solution to buy new and used cars from dealerships, including a customer’s trade-in, financing and home delivery. We want to make car buying enjoyable again! We are actively looking for developers experienced with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView to join our growing team. We have a dynamic culture of continuous improvement and work collaboratively in an educational environment to develop excellence in our products, service, and customer experience.


Aircloak Insights enables immediate safe and compliant analysis of sensitive datasets, independent of the data type and use case. To allow this, it uses proprietary technology for dynamic anonymisation of database outputs. Aircloak is based in Berlin, but is working internationally in the finance, healthcare and telecommunications space.

Alembic love Elixir. We also love solving really hard technical problems. We use Elixir to create real-time, super scalable, highly concurrent and fault tolerant web applications for our international client base. We leverage modern technologies to build reliable and robust software your users will love! We're also very active in the community, helping organise the now very popular Elixir Camp as well as Elixir Sydney. If you're looking for a partner to help bring your project to fruition, contact us today.

At Amplified AI, we are a rapidly growing team dedicated to changing the way the world innovates. Our mission is as important as it is audacious. Advances in science and technology are the only opportunity to solve many of society's greatest threats, such as access to clean water, climate change, and antibiotic resistance. We're not sending humans to Mars (yet), but we are enabling the people building that technology to get there faster. Elixir gives us performance, concurrency, and speed of development which are all critical to achieving our mission.

WyeWorks' vision is to be a role-model organization that achieves extraordinary results, leading with a happiness-first mindset. We partner with companies to build software using Elixir, Ruby, and Javascript and provide Agile coaching. We invest in communities that have high standards for professionalism and inclusion and in technology we love. Igniting a new spark of excitement, we quickly adopted Elixir after years of contributing to the Rails ecosystem, and committed ourselves to be an important part of the Elixir world as well.

Mux Video is a powerful API that makes it easy to work with online video. POST a video; GET back a video URL that plays well on any device in just seconds. Decisions like bitrate selection and CDN routing are driven by data, for better quality, reliability, and speed. Mux Video allows teams of all sizes to get up and running in minutes. Live video is just as easy, with a single API call giving you an endpoint where you can push a live stream, and an ID to playback the stream.

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